Intelligent OMICS Ltd is an established, revenue generating Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with offices in the UK and in China.


The Intelligent OMICS mission is to identify biomarkers that will lead to new diagnostic and therapeutic products for commercial development.

Many companies lay claim to AI technologies but the majority of such claims relate only to simple regression methods or principal components analysis. The Intelligent OMICS ANN algorithm is based on 20 years of machine learning research using artificial neural networks. What this means in practice is that the Intelligent OMICS technology can provide answers to clinical questions – by identifying hidden patterns in large healthcare databases – that are impossible for human researchers or other ‘AI’ companies to answer. In the complex world of biology, the ability to identify non-linear relationships, to stratify complex clinical trial or other healthcare data, and to create new understanding of the underlying biological systems and pathways allows INTELLIGENT OMICS to achieve something extraordinary: the rapid identification of new drug discovery targets, the creation of new companion diagnostics and other diagnostic products and the furtherance of scientific research to benefit human health.


Intelligent OMICS has developed a cutting edge systems biology and bioinformatics approach, based on computational intelligence, which identifies robust non-linear biomarkers associated with clinical features. So if you need to find a new molecular target for the disease you are studying, or a companion diagnostic that will reduce the failure risk in your clinical trial then the Intelligent OMICS system has the answer. The system compares results across multiple different datasets, providing a powerful validation of identified biomarker panels.

The Intelligent OMICS process relies on two, key proprietary technologies in sequence once data has been formatted:

The Intelligent OMICS process

PANN: Parsimonious Artificial Neural Network
– (Step 2) modelling of biomarker data to rank biomarkers and create effective biomarker panels with high sensitivity and specificity (i.e. the proportion of positives and negatives correctly identified)

NIM: Network Inference Modelling
– (Step 3) modelling of interactions between biomarkers to explain the underlying systems biology and molecular drivers of a given pathway

See Technology section for further information and the How we operate section for details of services.

These combined capabilities put the company at the forefront of in silico biological discovery identifying critical biological features such as molecular biomarkers, drivers of disease and therapeutic targets.


The Company operates on either a fee for service basis for pharma and diagnostic customers, often within a risk-sharing partnership, or on a partnership and out-licensing basis following in-house biomarker discovery. Analysis can be based on public and/or private databases.


Intelligent OMICS Limited (formerly “CompanDX Ltd) registered in England No.6500709, was originally spun out of the J van Geest Cancer Centre at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) in 2008 as a research services business addressing the university and commercial research markets. As the technology developed the team, led by Professor Graham Ball, identified the opportunity to create in-house products through use of the company’s technology. In 2012 the team was joined by Dr Simon Haworth and established a subsidiary in China in order to commercialise in-house technology. This engagement has been successful and the company’s TB diagnostic is currently undergoing trials at the Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Intelligent OMICS benefits from a close partnership with NTU, who remain a significant investor. The company was established with support from NTU via their Nottingham Consultants subsidiary, from Lachesis and from BioCity Nottingham (Mobius Technology Ventures). Nottingham City also supported the company with loans in early years but these have now been repaid in full.

Intelligent OMICS is a translational company converting Big Data into biological intelligence.