Blocking One 500 ml

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500 mL


  • Fast: short lock time
  • Wide range: contains high molecular weight compounds and bovine whey proteins
  • Easy to use – easy storage in the refrigerator even after opening the bottle

Product Information

Blocking is essential in immunoassays to block nonspecific binding reactions. Blocking One contains high molecular weight compounds and bovine whey protein. Blocking One is superior to conventional blocking solutions. The preservative in Blocking One does not affect the enzymatic activity of peroxidase (POD) or alkaline phosphatase (ALP). Only simple refrigerator storage is necessary, even after opening the bottle.

Comparison Of Blocking Reaction Times

The relationship between reaction time and the effect of blocking in the microplate assay. Compared to other products, Blocking One displays by far the fastest dynamics.

Since the antigen reaction is omitted in this experiment, when staining occurs, it is due to non-specific adsorption. The figure shows negative data



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