CompanDX’s proprietary and industry-leading proteomics and genomics bioinformatics technologies enable the discovery of novel biomarkers.  A range of mass spectrometric and microarray gene expression interpretative services supports patient stratification, companion diagnostic development, and guides clinical therapy decisions within the arena of personalized medicine.

CompanDX’s interpretative services have application across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare sectors, with existing clients ranging from blue-chip pharma to SMEs and clinical centers to academia.  A flexible business model ensures partnering with CompanDX is uncomplicated, giving clients unparalleled access to leading-edge analytical facilities and biomarker discovery tools.

CompanDX has developed extremely robust and reproducible analytical methods ensuring reproducibility in sample analysis, and bioinformatics tools that are setting the standard for the interrogation of large, non-linear high dimensional datasets.  The result; delivery of biomarker signatures that are biologically relevant to the disease or clinical indications under investigation.

Applications include;

  • Identification of biomarkers and potential drug targets
  • Stratification of patients and clinical trial monitoring
  • Predictive failure of therapy and patient relapse
  • Development of companion diagnostics
CompanDX’s technology enabling suite of “Distiller” algorithms includes;

Biomarker Distiller

An advanced and rigorous tool for distilling small, optimized, highly sensitive, and specific biomarker signatures panels from large non-linear, longitudinal patient cohort datasets for a variety of diseases including but not limited to oncology, asthma, preeclampsia, and Alzheimer’s.

Pathways Distiller

A unique systems biology tool that allows for the interrogation and mapping of relative interactions between components in a system, showing how these interactions change in response to different biological states or phenotypes of interest (e.g. Responder vs. Non-responder), as defined by a small panel of biomarkers or targets.

significantly for the first time interactive data is deliverable, providing robust evidence of stimulatory or inhibitory activity, strength or weakness of association and also the direction of any interactions leading to causative effects.

In the arena of personalized medicine, such biomarker signatures will allow with confidence the generation of genetic, proteomics, gene expression, or microRNA companion diagnostics.  This is particularly attractive in the development of informative composite biomarkers predicting disease presence/absence or response to therapies where biomarkers are required to be highly sensitive, specific, and accurate to direct “Go/No Go” decision making early during drug discovery in the clinic.

Whether used to guide prescription, recommend a drug for use in stratified patient populations or to evaluate genetic susceptibility relating to efficacy or dose, CompanDX offers a totally new type of diagnostic paradigm with potential to significantly alter clinical management.